Water damage has no place in your home, at least if you do not want to endure the headaches that come along with this damage. It creates an uncomfortable, unsanitary environment and may lead to damage and health risks for everyone in the home. There are many causes of water damage that could affect your home. Some of the most common causes are listed below.

Plumbing Mishaps

Many water damage related incidents occur as the result of poor plumbing. Perhaps the pipes burst or there is a simple leak. In any case, it’s imperative to find professional flood and water damage hudson valley ny experts at once. Plumbing issues may cause mold and mildew damage, amongst other concerns.

HVAC Issues

Could it be the HVAC unit that is responsible for the damage in your home? Problems with the HVAC system in the home may also result in water damage around the home. This is especially common with the hot water heater and with the air conditioning unit.

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Build-up in attics and crawl spaces may also result in water damage around the home. It’s important to maintain these areas to keep the risks of water damage and flooding to a minimum.


Hudson Valley is prone to flooding due to its proximity to the Hudson River and other large bodies of water. Flooding can quickly destroy your home or at a minimum, cause extensive damages that must be repaired immediately.

The Last Thought

Water damage isn’t something any homeowner wants to deal with, but it can happen before you know what’s occurred. The causes of water damage listed above are a few of the many common causes. Protect your home against these risks and stay water-damage safe while living in the Hudson Valley area.

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