Most wall-to-wall carpeting is attached to the walls of your home at various anchor points. If you run your finger around the perimeter of a fully carpeted room you’ll see it. However, carpets can come loose or even become unsecured from their anchor points, and carpet stretching is the process that rescuers your carpet.

To stretch a carpet, the carpet is pulled and stretched back into the anchor point and rescued. The process that carpet stretching boca raton professionals use is almost like pulling a bedsheet back over the corner of a bed, where the sheet retightens itself and stays put after a bit of struggle.

Carpeting will need to be stretched most often in rooms where there is a lot of foot traffic or pressure on the carpet. Often the activity will cause it to come loose or will cause the tacking that holds the carpet to the anchor points to wear away.

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If your carpeting appears to be lumpy, wrinkled, or anything other than flat and smooth, then it probably needs carpet stretching services. If the carpet is pulled up against the wall, then it also probably need to be stretched and repaired. If the carpet is not repaired quickly, then the loose lumps can lead to falling accidents, furniture not being flat, and other hazards that could need to the carpet needing to be replaced.

Stretching a carpet is best done with the help of a professional, where they will be able to tell you what process will work best. Sometimes the carpet just needs to be resealed, reattached to the wall with new tacking strips, or possible replacement and repair of the excess carpet. Consulting a professional is the best way to handle carpet stretching needs, in order to make sure you don’t cause more damage.